Sunday, May 22, 2011

Just the two of us

This is a common sight in the wee pond in my backyard...frogs on top of one another in a select spot. They are green frogs and love to bask in the sun. I often find three or four on top of one another on a plant above the water.

Sometimes they dangle, front legs anchoring them, with their heads poking out of the water, the rest of their bodies floating comfortably. They are fortunate that this pond is so tiny and in such a sheltered spot between the drive shed and the back deck. Great Blue Herons don't (so far) visit to go fishing or frogging.

The seven goldfish have grown over the year they have lived in the pond and now race for shade or cover when they see something above the water. I suspect the raccoons have gone swimming searching for a fish dinner and I know the cats patrol the edges hopefully. The frogs leap into the water when they wander around the rocks and dive under the little umbrella fountain or hide in the remains of the leaves slowly disintigrating from last fall.

Two frogs didn't make it from winter's cold. But three did and are now joined by a couple of others. When I first constructed this pond about three summers ago now, at the height of the summer in August there were 40 frogs on the water hyacinth, lilies, grasses, iris, you name it... it was a blanket of frogs - all a brilliant emerald, mimicking the colour of the water hyacinth leaves and mingling with their lovely mauve flowers. They were hard to count.

There is one granddaddy frog living there now, along with a few smaller ones, but while I was running the tractor the other day I saw a tiny little guy desperate to get out of my way, climbing grass stems... so he'll likely find the pond along with others.

I love to watch the activity or non-activity in the pond, depending on the weather. Fish and frogs can be immobile, or very busy. It's a way of meditating for me I suppose, just standing or sitting and watching. Unlike the birds who flit and are constantly on the move, energizing me with their busy-ness, the pond brings me quiet and peace.

It seems to be one of those Sundays.

It's been hectic for the past couple of weeks, and posting hasn't always happened but today with the light drizzle and bird song, I can gaze at the pond, listen to the waterfall's cheerful burble and feel peace drift through me.

Hope you are enjoying a peaceful day if that's what you wish, fun-filled, active or whatever you want - but blessed in its own way just for you.

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