Saturday, May 7, 2011

Going wild and truly wild

These pretty primula and the hyacinths were planted in a small garden created by a left over pile of triple mix a few years ago. I also planted four trees in it. Three of which are doing very well. But the grass has begun to overtake the flower beds, and I'm inclined to allow it take over now as all the flowers are bulbs and make a lovely showing through the grass in spring. They're going wild.

The only disappointing thing about this photograph is that the colour of these flowers is really a more intense purpley-blue which glows in the late afternoon sun. My camera just doesn't translate blues well.

And then there are the tiny flowers that are truly wild. These are but one example - dog tooth violets or fawn lilies  also called trout lilies. They are called dog tooth violets apparently because their bulbs look like dog's teeth and trout lilies because of the brown mottling on their leaves, similar to brown or speckled trout.

This photo shows them closing up for evening as we walked along the edges of a field and saw many batches of them  late yesterday afternoon. When they are in full sun, their petals turn back and they look like tiny little yellow day lilies. They will bloom as long as it's cool and bring bright yellow splashes of colour to woodlands and hedgerows.

Hope you have splashes of colour or perhaps some truly wild experience this weekend.

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