Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Morning song

Every morning as I let the dogs out for their morning ablutions, I hear the most delightful birdsong, twittering, warbling, trilling interrupted by the occasional raucous yell from a blue jay or crow.

While the dogs are checking out who visited in the night, I refill and put out the bird feeders. This morning a young jay greeted me with "What took you so long, the sun's been up for hours?" Yes I was a bit late and was scolded by many blackbirds as well..

After about an hour, while I sit with my coffee, share toast with the dogs and read email, the deck is lined with tiny birds... I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and trying to capture the activity through the window. It makes for a slightly blurry shot, but you can get the sense of how busy it is.

The goldfinches are now all in breeding plumage as you can see... and a busy bunch they are, grabbing seed, fleeing to the trees and shrubs if there is the tiniest move from inside... and returning with glee to chow down on black oil sunflower seeds.

Something about their cheerful appearance - like little bits of sunlight flitting around - or gold pennies whirling in the sunlight - makes me smile.

Spring is my favourite time of year - have you guessed that?

Even if my feet get cold sitting at the computer, I open the doors to the deck now just to hear the delightful songs and bring the outside in.

Hope you enjoy each day the way I am - even the gray and gloomy ones have birds to fill the air with song... and I saw a bluebird on my deck the other day. Hopefully it will nest nearby and I can watch their activities.

Have a special day!

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  1. "Gold pennies" -- what a lovely comparison! Hearing birds out of my window is one of my very favorite things in spring. I don't really notice when it goes away in the fall, but when it comes back, it is every bit a love song. Thanks for sharing!