Sunday, March 13, 2011

View from my deck

It snowed again last night - and all the trees not just the pines are covered in about two inches of wet clinging blankets. So of course I went out early to put out seed. It's mild and though there are little bits of rain and ice in the air, tons of little birds are flitting around waiting.

They hang above my head waiting for the feeders which I now bring it at night because of the raccoons.

Then they flock to my deck and the railing along its edge. Bliss and often Christopher as you can see here, watch patiently. This is a commons sight while I work away... little birds - this morning joined by a lovely bunch of starlings their feathers all bronze, blue and dusted with cream - and occasionally blue jays and woodpeckers. Mostly the larger birds go to bigger feeders, or to the suet. But always there is activity to show me that at least here in this part of the world things are moving along as normal.

Unlike poor Japan. I won't soon forget those images of a black trash-and mud-filled wave crushing everything in its path or washing cars over dams, or swilling into shops waist high. Nor the wreckage left behind. Makes me count every single one of my blessings. Like the ordinary - the daily sight of birds on my deck and a cat quietly watching.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

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  1. Enjoyed your thoughts in this post. Sure agree about Japan and counting our blessings. Well said!