Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reminders of summer

Every time I drive by a row of round bales of hay or straw I'm happily reminded that though it's been a chillier than normal spring, it will eventually warm up. We will get summer and with it haying, growing gardens, fresh local veggies - all the things that are traditionally linked to North American spring and summer.

Reminders like this are needed this year. At least for me. I'm getting awfully tired of cool temperatures. I know we may even get another snow storm...we've certainly had a few in April over the years. Friends have arrived back from winter homes in Mexico and Florida, Texas or Arizona, sometimes even island holiday destinations to find themselves wading through a foot or more of snow.

I remember one winter when the boys were young and we had gone to Pensacola for a stay. We drove up to our lane in shorts and sandals to be greeted by three feet of snow blocking access to our home. My husband ran up the driveway to get boots and jacket and the tractor to plow a pathway to the house. Funny to think about that so long ago, but it stuck in all our memories.

Maybe we'll get a break this spring and winter's last gasp will be gentle and spring will arrive with hummingbirds and warm breezes before too long. Reminders of winter well behind us.

Crossing my fingers and wishing you a warm spring-like day!

And before I forget - thank you to each of you who visit my blog once in a while or regularly and thank you for your comments. I enjoy each and every one! Kind of you and much appreciated that you let me know in person, by email or by comment that you're visiting.


  1. Hey Barbara, We want a few more cold nights and warm days. Kim is making maple syrup. What an amazing experience, though personally I hate the stuff. It is such fun to be outside on these chilly mornings boiling sap, with billows of steam rising from the pot.Carol

  2. Even I, the great lover of cold weather, is ready for spring! I'm looking forward to getting my fishing boat in ship-shape condition, the first launch, and the first nibble on the fishing line.

    Many years ago, I think it was about 1980, we had 39 inches of snow in the first week of April. The next day it was 70 degrees and everything melted, of course, all the shoveling was already done!

  3. thank you Carol and Wild Bill - Your maple syrup is fabulous Carol, please let Kim know and yes it is fun to be out early in the mornings... and Bill... I can't believe that you are ready for spring - happy fishing! My youngest son and my brother join you in getting ready for some good fishing this year.