Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Crow Tree

Don't know what happened to March 16 - just sort of disappeared of my radar somehow, early morning meeting set it wrong I guess. But later the dogs and I were walking and I saw the crow tree. This tree for some reason is a favourite of crows... there was another in the tree when we were walking, but here it shows only two.

For the past three or four years I've noticed that crows gravitate to this tree.. probably because it appears to be dying and they can see everything from the bare branches that grow no foliage. There have been as many as a dozen crows in this tree, flapping around, changing positions and generally making a pretty raucous noise.

I wonder if it's their party tree?

Do crows party?

But for me the gathering of crows isn't ominous it's a sign of spring coming, or mid-summer heat or fall arriving. They congregate in this tree at changes of season it seems to me. An interesting phenomenon.
So here are the pair I saw yesterday - sort of up close and personal.

More crows joined them a few minutes later and they flew away, laughing as they left.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the leprechauns bring you good luck today and not tricks.


  1. "Do crows party?" HAHAHAH!!!! The fun ones do :)

    Great shots B!! I hope you have a better day today!

  2. Now Ms Milburn - How did you know that I sign my emails "b" or "B" - You're something else my friend...

    Loved that sunset shot on your blog by the way - simply gorgeous.