Saturday, February 19, 2011

That was a short spring!

So much for spring!

Yesterday the winds were so high I nearly got blown off my feet and had to hang onto the car at one point. But walking with the dogs in a field protected by woods, it was pleasant - warm even.

Today back to reality!

It's too blowy and snowy out there this morning so I grabbed an image from a year ago, to show you what the front will look like if the sun shines again  today

It has been an extraordinarily gray winter.

In did notice however that the mourning doves are grateful for the seeds this morning and yesterday I was able to shovel up buckets full of wasted seed and put them on the edge of the field for the rabbits.

On our walk, the dogs rousted a huge hare - I've never seen Bliss run quite so fast. He was about ten feet behind the bunny when it went over a hill and out of sight. It was five minutes before both dogs returned, tongues hanging out. They collapsed soon after, glad to catch their breath in the back of the car.

So it will likely be cold for another few weeks, but definitely spring is in the air. Can hardly wait.

Stay warm and safe today.

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  1. I can hardly wait for you my friend! It just seems like it will never end but you do at least give me perspective when I am complaining about how cold it is here :) Wishing you a warm snuggly day!