Thursday, February 17, 2011

Swans on the bay

Yesterday I had to pick up some batteries for my dogs Invisible Fence collars. On my way home from atop the Niagara Escarpment where it juts into Georgian Bay just north of the small town of Meaford, I was looking at the water. The lighthouse at the edge of Meaford harbour was visible and there floating in front of it were two lovely swans.

I had to stop and get a photograph. I've learned that swans need open water, and further along the shore there was a group of gulls and ducks that were hanging out on an iceberg that had attached itself to some rocks just below the surface. I guess they benefit from open water too, probably gathering minnows that swim under the edge of the ice that builds along the shoreline.

It was one of those misty early teasing days that makes you think spring might just be around the corner, with temperatures well above freezing. Lots of hawks on top of telephone poles, leaving the minute my car drew to a halt, or flying in distant fields as well.

We're going to get snow again and below zero temps by the weekend, but for now I'm enjoying the mild weather, even if it makes for sloppy walking with the dogs and reveals some very unsightly stuff that I should clean up before it freezes again. A good day for preliminary tidying outdoors if it doesn't rain too hard.

Hope you have a great day where ever you are, and you get to see something as majestic as these swans today as well.


  1. Snow again!?!? Man you are so cheerful to be dealing with all that mess. I do love this photo, it has such a dreamy feeling to it!!

  2. Beautiful picture. The swans look like miniature ice bergs. Don't you just love these little winter breaks. Gives us more stamina for what is left. Thank you for this.