Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More signs of spring

Yesterday I posted an amaryllis that had been a Christmas gift and received a comment back from a new friend Mindy Milburn (her blog is Mindy's 365 day photo project) in the US. She reads my blog as I read hers - (she takes great photos by the way) and in her comment wrote "...No one needs more signs of spring than you..." which is true, much as I love winter, I'm ready for spring now.

So she inspired me to post signs of spring that come from my own backyard - not yet of course, these sweet little primula and hyacinth are well under the snow... but they are cheerful and remind me that spring is not too far away. My brother saw a robin and predicted spring would come today - but of course we will have more big storms... on the other hand it's well above freezing of 0C here today, and the birds are out in huge numbers... maybe they know something we don't? Likely another storm, but perhaps not one with howling winds and tons of snow.

On the other hand if we get that kind of a storm, I'm going to put on my skiis and go out in it. Time to stop being a wuss and enjoy what I get today. And I'm also going to look at my beautiful orchid that now has four of the 46 buds open... and I'm going to search out more spring pictures to remind me that it really isn't too far away now. Maybe I can even find someone who's boiling off sap to get maple syrup - that's one of my favourite late winter activities... such a sweet treat.

How do you celebrate spring being not too far away?

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  1. First off thank you, you are TOO darn sweet to me :)

    I just love how positive you are about everything and I love love this photo! I think hyacinth are so beautiful and the colors are gorgeous.

    If you go out in that storm be extra careful my friend!