Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Promise of spring

This morning there is more snow on the ground from "flurries" last night... four inches of flurries.But the sun is out, peeking from behind scudding clouds which whisper "more snow on the way."

Inside on the table is a beautiful pot of tulips, each with a scent that pervades the whole house - partly because it's a tiny home, partly because the perfume is so lovely and it carries everywhere.

Often when I come in from the cold and the snow I catch this wonderful scent and it lifts my heart - glance at the brilliant colours that brighten a corner of my "great room" and my spirits soar. It's like a little bit of sunshine and spring inside and promises that soon I will experience this when I go outside my door.

My gardens will show signs of spring even before the snow drifts disappear. Under the snow and leaf cover I will find the tips of tulips, daffodils and hyacinth - first harbingers of spring. Gardening time again.

So every day that the sun sets just a bit later, that I can walk the dogs in daylight a bit later, or gather wood from the drive shed, my heart sings. And I know that I can enjoy this day and what it brings even more than just the joys of watching birds and feeling the nip of a cold wind on my cheeks - spring is coming! My brother saw a robin the other day - spring is coming!


  1. Even though I have a deep reverence for winter I love the anticipation of spring. Certainly flowers grown indoors can enhance these thoughts. Nice to be reminded of what is coming, although it's still a long ways off.

  2. Your joy and reverence for winter shows in your wonderful blog wildramblings.com Bill. I love reading it... and though spring is far off, I'm looking forward to it now. Thanks as always for stopping by my site. Barbara

  3. Beautiful photo!! I love fresh flowers, I would like to have them all over my home all year round. There is something so wonderful and alive about having them around.

    I am looking forward to all the signs of spring too :)