Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Out the window at the storm

For those of you who have been following this blog, you know I live in an old church. So today since the storm is still throwing snow my way, and no chance of capturing a bird or beast - I decided to take a picture earlier this morning of the icicles hanging from roof's edge and the snow on the mugo pine beneath one of the bedrooms.

I figured to make an "art" photograph and frame it with the church window.

So I can't tell you what it will look like outside when the storm is over, because it ain't done yet!  When I walked the dogs about two hours ago, the snow had drifted into huge long runners well past my knees in spots. I followed Spirit the black lab around the paths - they were buried with only about eight inches of soft fluffy white, but that dog knows where the paths are. Unlike me who kept slipping off. Oh yes I fell once. I'm seriously thinking of going out again later to make angels though.

When it got deep I was the one leading, it's well past the dogs' tummies... and while they leap like seals for quite a while, diving into drifts searching for mice and moles. But after a bit they get bored and just slog along following my trail.

Not so when we got to the driveshed, the feral cat had been in there, along with two feet of snow which I had to shovel out - else what a mess when it gets warmer...

Ah winter - I have to love it don't I? I chose to live up here! Actually there must be something true in what they say about Canadians loving to brave the elements, because I certainly feel good and quite proud of myself after wading through huge drifts or shoveling a pile of snow out of the way just to open a door... I have to laugh.

Actually I do love winter. One winter when I was just into my teen years and when Easter was really early I built a ten foot tall Easter bunny on my front lawn. Somewhere I have a picture of it - a local police constable stopped to see it and I grabbed his photograph...leaning against this gigantic Bugs Bunny holding an Easter basket - (the bunny not the cop)  that was a keeper!

So winter can be a pain in the backside, but it can also be a joy and full of opportunities to have fun.It's a matter of perspective I think.

Hope you're safe, warm and having fun today wherever you are!

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  1. Again you always see the bright side of things :) That is such a beautiful photo, and that window is so pretty!

    Stay warm and cozy my friend :)