Thursday, January 20, 2011

A winter morning

Around 9 o'clock yesterday morning we went out for the first walk of the day.  The snow plow was working hard at the junction of the two county roads that bound my property. The dogs checked under the west feeder for The Dread Red (the family of red squirrels that plague them constantly).

It was cold - and it had snowed on top of the mushy icy stuff from the day before. The pathways were slick underfoot with the six inches of fluffy stuff, but it was beautiful.

The sound of bird wings  - that flit-flutter-flutter-flit - and bird song as they chatted among themselves after the plow went back up past the church where I live, were the only sounds to be heard for several minutes.

I stood drinking in the sights and the sounds. It was so still, only a few flakes gently drifting to the ground. I turned and saw the sun gleaming through the clouds to the south making the snow shine as it was caught like winter decorations in the pine needles.

I inspected all the spots the dogs had investigated, brought in some wood for the fire and checked out the surrounding countryside.

A truly beautiful winter morning, one to savour and remember over a steaming cup of coffee when I returned from my amble around the pasture.

My wish for you is that your mornings are truly beautiful and memorable as well.


  1. Thank you for sharing this story, it reminds me to be grateful for each day and you really exemplify that attitude. My first thought was "how in the world could you be out in that mess that early" but you really made me rethink that attitude. Thank you!

  2. There's something about special winter days like that one Mindy, that make me feel terrific. Other days like this morning with way below zero temps and I want to curl up - but one day maybe I'll post a story of why I'm grateful for every day... and I am - I am truly blessed. If I can help make your days fun and wonderful - WOW - what a gift that would be! And I look forward to your comments on this blog... you are an amazing young woman yourself! I hope lots of people read your comments and visit your site because of this blog.