Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Little Pony

Recently I posted the story of Shazam or Niki as I called her, my Arab mare who came as a companion to Dixie and Dundee  - one my big black mare and the other a delightful bay gelding who left after a few months. So then came the pony.

Her name was Candy - but I often called her just plain Pony. She was a stubborn little gal but when she first came I felt so sorry for her. The two big mares picked on her I thought - they would not accept her for the longest time and I often saw her walking  down the fence line, head down away from her tormentors. I really don't like this about animals, but it's not only an animal trait - sorting out the pecking order, is it? Eventually that changed and the pony became the best friend of one or the other big mare, depending I think on those moody gals' feelings on any given day.

Anyway, one of my goddaughters had given Candy to me as a companion for the two mares. She became a favourite of another of my goddaughters - and I've used her here to show how fast children grow and yet don't seem to change. This youngster is now a young woman working in social media for the internet. She's still slender, tall and attractive.

When she first met Candy, she fell in love. As you can see in the first picture she groomed her and tied ribbons in her tail. The next picture was taken a year or two later, and she's grown a lot as kids do. Niki is in the background. I think it was that year that my goddaughter decided she wanted to ride horseback and got on Dixie's back.

These images take me back - I think I'm going to be doing a lot of reminiscing as I sort through my photos in the coming weeks. With it being a new year, I feel the need to "get organized." However the stories that go along with all the photographs - some of them beg me to tell them... and as you know if you've followed this blog - I do love to tell stories.

Do you have a story to tell?

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  1. And I LOVE your stories!! You live far away and we have never met but through your stories I have come to know you and consider you a friend!

    I love the photos of the pony, so adorable. When I go through photos to organize I get lost in the memories. I have always loved to take photos and capture the moment so I know exactly what you mean!