Friday, January 14, 2011

The morning was filled with birds

Because I had to take these images through my window, they are sort of blurry and cloudy, but in this photograph  if you look really closely there is a cardinal in the tray of the feeder in the foreground. This is an occasional visitor I believe... and frankly with cardinals being a family favourite - I'm really pleased that he has risked the long flight from a nearby valley to come for a visit.
Yesterday was very cold - with the threat of snow, and so all my feeders right round the house were full of birds. The minute I went outside, they flew away, so I settled for trying to capture some of them through the window. It was a complete delight to see them fluttering and when I opened a window or walked around later the sound of wings flitting from one branch to another, one tree to another seemed like miniature drumming.
So here and below is a small sample of a few of the visitors...
Two woodpeckers hop up my scotch pine towards a deep tray  feeder where a cardinal eats sunflower seeds inside. There were at least two pairs of hairy woodpeckers and three of downies throughout the day. The cardinal is a rare sight, and hardly visible here.
A hairy woodpecker sorts through the seeds to select its favourite on the small cage feeder . Watching the woodpeckers fling seeds from this feeder, hanging on, tail tucked under for balance is such a treat. They make me laugh as they select a seed, then head for a tree branch and either tuck it into a hole for a later meal or can't wait and crack it open against the bark.
American goldfinches grab breakfast at the tube feeder and the small cage feeder in the background (lower left). There were at least 100 small birds yesterday including English sparrows, American tree sparrows, juncos, nuthatches that were joined by about a dozen mourning doves, a selection of blue jays - (I have to get some peanuts for them), many woodpeckers and a couple of dozen chickadees who are all residents of this property or the nearby hedgerows. Such a welcome sight on a cold and snowy day.

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  1. You are surrounded by so much beauty, if only the snow would go away lol. The animals that you see on a daily basis are like something out of a fairy tale.