Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to get toasty on a chilly day

This is an old photograph. Two of the cats - the little tabby and white in front  - Machu Pichu and the big fat Siamese Zak curled next to her - are no longer with me in body...but they along with their buddy Christopher who still loves to curl up in front of my little wood stove, had the right idea on that chilly day. It's a good idea for today as well and I thought a warm picture might be good for a chilly day.

We are experiencing lake effect snow - which means that Georgian Bay is still open water and the north, east and west winds that whistle across it pick up a lot of moisture that they just have to drop on the valley. I want to yell "We get it already! Global warming - bad!" (The Bay used to freeze solid not to many years ago until way out in open water... all the coves and many of the larger inlets would be gigantic skating rinks... some people used to ski or skate across miles of it.

And if I was closer to the Bay today (I live about 15 miles due south) I would see steam rising from the water in between the floating's that cold - minus 30 C with the wind chill this morning. Even the birds are fluffed up and sitting down on their legs to keep them warm inside their feathers.

And lots of snow on everything as well - very pretty but frankly this morning I want to stay inside. Even the dogs who love the snow and cold don't want to stay outside for long. The wind is higher now, and the sun is trying to come through the roiling snow, but it will be a cold trip to the driveshed to get more wood for the fire... after that I'm going to read the day away I think.

How about you? what do you do on a cold and snowy day?


  1. So cozy! We're pretty arctic here in NYC right now. Esau the dog doesn't much notice, and our two apartment cats don't even know what weather is.

  2. sounds like Esau and my two labs would get along just fine, though they did have trouble with freezing paws briefly yesterday - Sun's out today though - my two cats have become indoor cats until it warms up and there is a feral cat in the driving shed - hope it makes it - I've ended up feeding it, not bright but what can you do. Thanks for stopping by! Love your site - specially the last few posts!