Friday, December 31, 2010

Where did it go?

Yesterday we still had tons of snow, and the dogs, being Labs were having a ball out hunting whatever they thought was around. Heads were buried in snow in the pasture as they thought they heard or smelled a mouse or a mole.

Every track and tiny opening in the snow was thoroughly sniffed and then sniffed again. What one did, the other had to inspect to make sure that the job was well done.

Here the boyz think they've caught the scent of the Dread Red - for those of you who aren't familiar with that fearsome creature - it's a notorious red squirrel. Actually I think there are two or maybe three, and they have a home underneath the front of the church where I live.

"Hmmm- better check the bushes, and maybe along the back of the house? You look that way Bliss, I'll see about back there," spirit (the black one) is the boss you see. He usually directs traffic if it needs directing in his opinion.

Oh - there it is! Up the tree! Should have thought of that!

Happy New Year everyone - may you have as much fun in the coming year as my two doggy companions do every day - and may adventure and joy fill your lives!

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  1. Beautiful boys! So funny the way they stick together. Here's to a joyful new year.