Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Missy and Blizzard

Missy came to live with my friend in her home a couple of years ago - she had been found by my friend's sister up in Thunder Bay but she couldn't keep her, so this lovely medium hair green-eyed cat was shipped on a plane to my friends home. Must have been traumatic, but you'd never know it. She settled right in and my friend became very attached to her. She'd had cats in her family before, but not for a the new addition was most welcome.

You've seen Blizzard before if you've been following my blog - and if not - he's obviously a newcomer. But again you'd never know it looking at this picture with the two- adult and kitten - curled up together on the cat stand looking out the window... or rather being distracted by my friend's camera from looking out the window.
And this is what they were looking at - can you see the bird beyond the door? Missy is much more blase about it all, but Blizzard, being a baby and a newcomer to the family, is fascinated with whatever is moving and whatever is beyond the doors or windows.

My friend says he gets so wound up that sometimes Missy ends up swatting him and stalking off. Kids right? Apty named this little guy - he swirls and dances and plays and gets you riled... just like his namesake.


  1. They looks so cute laying there by the window, warm and cozy on a cold day. The shot of them looking out the door is just adorable as well :)

  2. Thanks Mindy - my friend adores her new kitten as much as her older cat and has a lot of fun watching them play together.