Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This is a pair of mini horses, all decked out with red velour antlers for Christmas. This pair - mum and baby I think - are part of a large family of animals living with some old friends of mine on a small farm close to Toronto. My god daughter breeds and raises minis and also takes care of her standard size horse. The other animals in this family have included at one time or another, several horses, two pot-bellied pigs, some Toulon geese one of which stayed outside one night instead of coming when called and had its feet freeze. It then slept on top of the first pig's head... one way to keep warm right? Others in the animal family include rabbits, cats, chickens, dogs and  sometimes ducks and an alpaca or two. Lots of feathered or four-legged friends to get ready for Christmas.

It's wonderful that at this time of year there are so many different kinds of important celebrations - no matter where you live, what your religion or beliefs - there is cause to rejoice, honour or make merry. Variety truly is the spice of life, right?


  1. This wuuld make a wonderful holiday card! Yes, no matter what tour beliefs are this seems to be the time of year whan most people carry joy in their hearts.

  2. thanks Bill - they are cute horses aren't they.