Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas pottery

Among the many things I love to do, making items out of porcelain and painting them is high on my list.

This little Christmas butter dish is one which seems appropriate to show you at this time of year. There's something "organic" about making pots which is very therapeutic, but also fulfills a deep creative urge in me.

My wrists and fingers sometimes aren't strong enough to throw on a wheel, so I will work with slabs of porcelain that I roll out with an old fashioned pastry rolling pin and fashion into a candle holder, plate, dish, bowl, platter you name it - that I can paint and decorate.

I've sold a lot of pottery since I started about seven or eight years ago, and seem to go in phases of painting landscapes, flowers, animals and back to landscapes again. I've got several repeat customers who love my cats and horses - so perhaps over the next few days I may show you some of my favourites.

I've sold in galleries, in studio tours and have had a website for pottery and other art work - all part of the adventure that comes with exploring the gifts of talent and a curious mind. I've been very blessed, there is no doubt.

Christmas seems to be a great time for sharing. I love reading several other blogs - essays or photography, sometimes combinations of both. All these people who share their viewpoint, through their words or viewfinder are so generous and have provided me and countless others with insight into the places they live, the things they love and are curious about and ultimately themselves. What a fabulous gift. To all of you that I follow or stumble upon - many thanks - and for those of you who might find your way through my blog to others you could enjoy - there is such an amazing world out there!... We are so lucky!

May your Sunday/Monday be filled with joy.

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