Monday, December 27, 2010

A blue jay's Christmas breakfast

A dear friend of mine is a journalist and recently bought herself a new camera since taking photographs for a local paper is one of the many things she does. She now uses a Canon with a terrific zoom lens.

Because she now has her own home where she can feed birds and watch them daily, she has become as addicted to this pass time as I am and has begun putting out peanuts for the blue jays. I know several people who do this so the blue jays - who tend to hog the feeders - will have their own spot to feed.

These photos cracked me up. It actually looks as if the bird has one in his beak when he's grabbing another.


Who me? A hog? What do you mean?

It's Christmas - don't I get to eat my fill?

I probably won't get a chance to post again until tomorrow night since tomorrow I take a woman who is 93 and the most avid bird watcher I know, on the annual Christmas Bird Count. This is organized by Bird Studies Canada and takes place across the country around this time every year. I'll have stories to tell after that you can bet...

Happy day after Boxing Day - it looks like a Christmas card out there! More snow today.


  1. These photos are fantastic!! What an awesome capture my friend. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey Mindy - my friend is a great photographer and uses a new Canon with a x35 zoom lens. I loved these shots and begged to put them on the blog... I'll tell her you liked them.