Sunday, November 14, 2010

The watcher

The pond in my backyard has been relieved of its residue - at least as much as I've been able. The water hyacinths finally bit the dust after a hard frost and were black and slimy. Had to go!

The leaves from all the nearby trees seemed to have gathered around the edges, caught in the stones or floating on top. I took my big fish net and got to work.

Now it's perfectly clear where the fishes are and Christopher is watching to see if they'll come close enough for him to grab one of them. A tasty snack for a fat black cat.

All seven fishes survived the summer, hidden among the trailing roots of the plants. They must feel very vulnerable and exposed now that they are visible at the bottom of the pond...they hang around the bubbler that I've put in to allow the gases from rotting leaves that I couldn't get and whatever the fishes deposit to escape. I must be wonderful to have fresh aerated water just when you need it. If you're a fish that is.

Interesting in this picture, something I've never noticed before just now, is that the reflection from the drive shed is captured in the water, and it looks as if the stones are sitting atop a wall of wood rather than seated somewhat insecurely around the edge of a small body of water.

Christopher knows better... he'll wait patiently until something else distracts him - a bird coming down for a drink perhaps, his buddy Eleia, also fishing, or perhaps the dogs coming to see what he's doing. (They are so nosy these big dogs.)

The Indian summer we've been experiencing has been beautiful though and the pond has been open for drinks or inspection from any number of critters.

Hope you're enjoying glorious weather wherever you are.

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  1. My mom had a pong for years, and she adored it...the fish were quite beautiful and the fountain sound was therapeutic :) I am glad you are still enjoying yours. I love reading your daily outings!