Tuesday, November 2, 2010


These house finches - I think they're house finches,
but someone may tell me that they're purple finches - come every day three times a day to feed. Some days the feeders are empty or nearly so by 4 when it's getting late for feeding.

This gang for some reason likes this funny little feeder which I put out before giving it a fresh coat of paint. It hangs by a wire, hopefully I'll get a chance, when/if the weather warms enough to bring in the feeder, to freshen it up - otherwise, it will wait.

The suet feeder is out now with below zero temps - that's below 32 US - I guess it's around 28 or so, certainly chilly this morning.

This wee pole holds my hummingbird feeder in summer - and I haven't removed my ant blocks - the sticky tape, upside down tart tin, and other home made things to keep ants from getting into it.

Total delight to see all these finches around. They hide in the nearby Siberian elm and jostle each other for a spot to sit and feed for a while. I've just confirmed that these birds prefer to sit and feed, rather than snatch, grab and go like chickadees... I saw a female cardinal as well the other day - but it vanished before I had my camera. This is rare, since the country cardinals are quite shy and don't often come to feeders unless there is lots of protection.

With four black oil sunflower feeders, one suet feeder and one nyger feeder I get quite a number of birds, but when the rest of the feeders go out, I think I must feed lunch to a neighbourhood of feathered friends.

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