Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Blue Heron

When I was  scouting for locations for All My Children to shoot a week long segment in Canada at some waterfalls, I went to the Elora Gorge.

To those who aren't familiar with the Gorge it's a very scenic spot carved by the Grand River over centuries. Big rapids, tons of swirling, rushing water, and lovely cliffs.

The producers didn't choose this location, but I found this wonderful Great Blue Heron who was so intent on its fishing in the shallows and backwater of the rapids, it allowed me very close.

I've never forgotten the roar and the power of the water and the amazement I felt that this huge bird could see, let alone catch its next meal in that fast moving river. Just after I snapped this shot, its head snaked down and it came up with a minnow. I wasn't quick enough, nor did I have a modern camera to catch the action, but boy it was impressive.

Love getting out into nature at its most elemental.


  1. Lovely photo. You have really had an exciting life. That is just so awesome :)