Friday, October 29, 2010

The pond needs to go to bed

My little back yard water feature, full of water hyacinth, frogs and fishes is now also full of leaves and the detritus of fall winds.

The cutleaf sumach actually lost most of these beautiful leaves the day after I took this photograph. We had 90 kph winds gusting through the area, a gale nearly blew me down and made me realize I need to finish all the work in the yards.

I've covered the filter with an unsightly tarp on the left since it's not supposed to be exposed to freezing temperatures,  but I have probably a day left to find a tank for the fish and pack the filter and pump away for another year. A bubbler will keep the water from freezing in the deeper spots and what frogs are hibernating there should be okay since there is a lot of stuff that will turn into dirt for them to bury themselves in.

 All the indoor plants that enjoyed respite from being confined to my tiny church during the spring through fall are back inside, gracing deck doors and window ledges. Leaves cover the grass and need raking. It is definitely fall chore time.

The neat thing about fall though, is the number of birds that have begun visiting the feeders. Now is the time for me to learn patience and try to capture some of them. There are the ubiquitous goldfinches, white-breasted nuthatches, blue jays, purple and house finches, white crowned sparrows, downy and hairy woodpeckers and English sparrows. The dark eyed juncoes haven't made much of an appearance yet nor the American Tree sparrows but it won't be long. And I'll keep an eye out for the red-bellied woodpecker pair - a good snap of those would be amazing.

So it truly is time to forget about Indian summer for this year, get ready for Hallowe'en - not that we have any little ghosts or goblins in this neck of the woods - they all go to grandparents or parties in town. And then a host of things to do before the snow flies. All fun if the weather cooperates and it doesn't rain too much. Otherwise, out comes my kulah coat, gloves and "wellies." There is something comforting though about putting gardens to bed and getting ready for the briskness of least for me. Hope you enjoy your fall chores and playtime.


  1. I do love the colors of fall but it is sad to see things put to "bed" :) It is a beautiful little spot though and luckily it will be there next year!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Mindy - yes it's sad to see the end of the glorious colours of fall, and see things put to bed, but as you say - next year!