Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The line-up

This is probably the last photo of frogs for this year unless we have an Indian summer, which some have predicted since we've already had some heavy frost. This group of three frogs plus their onlooker just struck me as comical - basking in the sun about a week or more ago. I've so enjoyed counting frogs, looking for fishes and admiring the water hyacinths that continue to bloom despite the chilly weather.

But winter approaches. The fish will have to be brought inside since the pond isn't quite deep enough for them to survive...actually the heavy frost last night may well have killed the water hyacinth in which case a bit of harvesting and dumping on the compost pile will have to take place to avoid a huge algae bloom. Then the fish will lose their hiding places.

I think a visit to the local pet store is in order (actually it's not really local but over the "mountain"  about which my BC family will laugh: this little hill being called a mountain) into Collingwood to get fish food and an appropriate container for the seven little guys -

Now, I'm assuming that there are still seven. I've seen four - three big fat orange ones and a white one... only once or twice have I seen all seven - and that was in late summer. I wonder if the the raccoons had a quick supper before they climbed into the rafters where they wait out thee dogs who spend at least an hour in the morning barking at them. This pair is not welcome but there may be nothing I can do about it since I won't get someone in to shoot them. Unless of course the constant pressure of the dogs barking finally sends them away.

Ah fall - it's fun, colourful and often glorious, but also full of putting things to bed while we wait for the snow to decorate bare branches and brown fields and for us to get out our skiis and snow shoes.


  1. You are right, winter approaches. In New England we are anticipating our forth frost tonight.

    I loved the photo of the frogs, pickerel frogs I suspect, and I particularly liked the blue hue to the shot.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful autumn.

  2. Aren't we lucky Bill? Thank you for your good wishes.

    Actually the frogs were called green frogs by a veterinarian friend of mine - but they may be the same as pickerel frogs - and best wishes to you for a wonderful autumn as well.

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