Saturday, October 9, 2010

The beaver pond - a story in pictures

It all starts with this tiny stream in the woods that has come from way up the mountain.

The dogs and I walk along a farmer's field to this beaver pond in spring
and fall before and after the crops are in or reaped. This is the head of the pond.

This is looking towards the dam. The three mallards the dogs scared are long gone.

Bliss is already in the water by the dam in he background. the water is deep here. Spirit is running down the path the beavers have made, to get wet and get a drink. They have just come back from chasing a jack rabbit. The path the beavers have made is well-worn.

Looking back at the dam from the other side you can see that it's looks like
a large embankment - when I first saw it about five years ago, it was all logs and
tree stumps and branches. Now it's about three feet wide, and you could easily walk
across it. I've seen Bliss run across at full speed. I've only seen beavers once, but it's obvious from the paths around that it's a well used pond. There are other dams further downstream... but that's another story for another day. It's amazing how industrious these little guys are, but not nice that so many good trees often are victim to their building instincts. But nature is what it is.

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