Friday, September 24, 2010

Busy bees

It's late in the season for honey bees to be getting pollen, but the fall flowers have been spectacular. These asters in my garden have been blooming for more than a month despite intermittent rain.

That same afternoon that I saw the tiny red-bodied dragonfly, I saw tons of honey bees checking out every flower they could find. It was a perfect soft early fall afternoon. The goldfinches were hiccuping at the feeders - at least that's what their little call song sounds like to me - while chickadees and nuthatches also let me know they were on hand to grab some seed from the feeders.

There were at least a dozen frogs in the pond - I tried to get photos, but they were in the shadows - five of them nearly on top of one another, and two in the pond on one leaf really were on top of one another. Even the fish rose to the surface for lunch.

It was the kind of day that we get sometimes, that is memorable for its peace and delicacy, for its warmth and welcome gentleness - a respite before the violent winds and thunderstorms, blasting rains and chilly drizzle that will come all too soon.

Busy bees they may have been, but they certainly made me more inclined to sit in the sun and watch their natural industry. I suspect we'll have a great honey crop this year from our nearby  community beekeepers.

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