Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Topper is owned by a neighbour and friend of mine who loves horses as much or possibly more than I do. My friend bought Topper from some fellow who really abused her, about 20 years or so ago - Topper is now about 24 and has had a colt who is nine.

This love old mare is a classic paint, and a sweetheart - she's pretty much bullet proof which is what I need to ride. When we go out, I ride her, and my friend rides another of her horses...she rescues them, as I have rescued dogs and cats and guinea pigs and yes horses too.

I learned that Topper is a tobiano in colouring - the characteristic white shawl across her shoulders, four white stockings and a brown shield along her chest. Her head is the same colour asf much of the brown markings- another typical tobiano colour trait as is the two coloured tail.

An overo paint generally does not have white across the back of the horse between the withers and the tail, and at least one, more often all four legs will be dark. The white is irregular and rather scattered or splashy looking with the head marking often bald-faced - or mostly white and the tail is usually one colour.

For some reason I find paints to be most attractive horses. They have been used as "cow-ponies" out west, to manage great herds of cattle, partly due to their tirelessness and their ability to turn on a dime. Many people continue to use them for barrel racing and in rodeos. I had a lovely old boy called Mr. B - who was a classic or "ghost" tobiano since he was nearly all white. He came from an equestrian centre where he had worked hard to help youngsters learn how to ride. Pictures of Mr B next time.

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