Saturday, August 14, 2010

Late breeders

These two king birds have been hanging around for a couple of weeks, driving off other birds, perching at the top of trees and generally seemed to be on watch, just around one particular spot.

Yesterday I was able to catch the two of them together fairly high up as you can see.  Then about twenty feet further on, I found what they were guarding. I was searching in the upper reaches of another elm and suddenly found it - well-hidden and anchored not in the crook of a tree by out on a branch.

The nest is unfortunately a bit blurry in this picture, there are strings from the remains of a tarpolin hanging from it as there are other things. It could be a robin's nest but somehow I think it belongs to these two who are so determined that no one disturb the area. They fly in and attack any birds and my dogs if they get close... late for breeding, and perhaps this is only an abandoned nest... but fun to think about.

By the way, thanks to all of you who have sent me so many terrific emails with your kind comments I'm so glad you like the blogs. I love hearing from you. If you have ideas about things you want me to explore, please let me know and know too that when I haven't posted that day, it's because my computer has been misbehaving again. Could be the meteor shower affecting it or just my inability to relate well to technology sometimes.

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