Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bold chickadee, clever cat

Some of the most charming birds (in my opinion) are chickadees. They are bold, fearless even, and brighten my morning by scolding me soundly if I am not attending to their morning routine. This little fellow hangs about in the Japanese elms that edge my deck and darts down for the seeds I put out. I was sitting at a table about 10 feet away when he flew down to enjoy breakfast while I drank my coffee. Fortunately I had my camera with me.

I dare not put the seeds in the feeder just to the right. It is a large feeder, that Eleia one of my cats, believes is her house. She thinks its her house. And she curls up in it - to bask in the sun. She's protected from the wind or rain. And I've seen her climb into it to hide in a snow storm when there was more snow in it than I thought possible to allow the little creature to get inside.

Both intrepid - and characters - chickadees and Eleia. Lovely way to start my morning.

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