Thursday, July 1, 2010

No photo today - a story instead

Today is Canada Day and my computer seems to have gone on holiday in honour - so no images...

However, the bluebirds are nesting as as soon as I figure out how to upload from my new picture album program I'll use one of the male with a bug in its mouth sitting atop the hydro pole.

Thanks to all of you have written or called or stopped by. I appreciate your kind words... make a comment on the photos or stories if you wish please...

And today's story is one that had me heartily laughing...

As you no doubt know - ravens and crows are robber barons in the bird world and driven away by protective little birds from spring nests. Two days ago I heard this raucous calling  and looked up to see five ravens being harassed by at least a dozen tiny birds divebombing with impunity to the outraged cries of the huge black fellows... After they passed my property, the little birds returned from whence they came and the ravens followed shortly after, this time pursued by a flock of little birds who lived in the other direction.

The larger birds looked like huge luxury liners or battleships compared to the tiny mosquito-like birds but they were chased back and forth lumbering across the sky for the better part of 30 minutes...shrieking their fury whenever a small bird made contact... and that was often.

Yesterday coming from another direction I saw two ravens - this time with only two attackers, but boy were they persistent. These little daredevils actually seem to cling to the backs of the larger birds and peck away before peeling off and then diving in again if the birds didn't fly away fast enough for their liking.

The gutteral sounds of pure frustration sounded every time a little bird landed a good one on target.

Now I like ravens and I sort of felt sorry for them, but frankly it was just way too funny to see these great huge creatures flying in such an ungainly manner, swooping and flying lower or rising to try to challenge the little birds but with no grace whatsoever and being shepherded very aggressively by the tiny avengers.

I wished then I had a really good movie camera with a zoom lens to catch all the action to share... but no doubt you've also witnessed the spring battles.

Happy Canada Day to all!

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