Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

Bliss (my yellow lab) being rowed ashore
Geese at Bellwoods
Driving around the countryside last Sunday I came upon this tiny village - Bellwoods - on the edge of one of Ontario's tiny beautiful lakes. I had to stop for gas since I was on dead empty and there, thankfully, was a grocery store with one gas pump! It was across the road from this delightful scene - a multi-family of Canada geese and their young goslings feeding peacefully on grass at the edge of one of Bellwoods Lake's inlets...away from the motorboats, sea-dos and anglers looking for an afternoon of fun.

So of course I stopped to snap a photo - unfortunately as you can see by the long necks of the adults - they did not approve - what is it with me and angry parent birds? I seem to get in their space all the time!

So once again, I grabbed the picture and got back in the car. But this was certainly one of the largest armies of geese in a village setting that I've seen in a while. Love the goslings with their fluffy feathers just turning to adults - they must have been teenagers for all the attention they paid to my invasion of their turf... none!

It was a wonderful spring/early summer scene - even though in lots of places Canada geese are no longer welcome - (they do make a mess) - but here, the group was, if not welcome at least tolerated.

Last year however, I wasn't too pleased with geese. I was at my aunt's cottage and both my Labs dove into the water after a family of geese. It broke into three parts each heading in a different direction and a single goose led my yellow lab - Bliss - half way across Sandy Bay.

But for a last minute rescue by a neighbour - he would have drowned... sad looking dog that arrived exhausted from his marathon on shore. And one cross "mum" or "Mom" as most people say. Of course he was forgiven...but as you can see by the other photograph - Bliss being rowed to shore in a tiny dinghy - he was a pretty lucky pup. So was I!

Cheerio for now - b

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