Monday, June 21, 2010

Swan dive

Yesterday I took a swan dive - well not literally, but I was chased by a big male swan that took great affront at my attempts at photography of his mate and four cygnets - beautiful picture floating on a nearby neighbour's pond. That boy sure didn't want anyone coming closer. He finally got so disgusted with my proximity that he attacked - slowly and deliberately, with neck snaking around menacingly - he climbed a four foot embankment and began the chase. I fled.

He nodded satisfaction as he watched my car door slam and slowly turned his back on my grinning face. He'd done his job. I saluted him as he grandly marched back the 20 or so feet to the edge of the pond, waded through the marsh grasses and sailed after his small family flotilla. Breathtaking in the afternoon sun.


Welcome to my blog - mostly about pets, my garden and the critters - birds, animals, amphibians and the rest - that live on or near my two small acres in one of the prettiest parts of Ontario. Sometimes it's about people too and our crazy antics that make this old world turn.

Hope you enjoy the stories - and the pictures once I figure out how to upload them.


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