Thursday, June 24, 2010

Local residents

The frogs seem to enjoy the storms that blow through here periodically - here the sun makes the black clouds seem ominous against the hay field's glow.

This wee fellow showed up in the small pond I'm reconstructing in my back yard. He has a buddy, a larger brown frog, and tons of relatives in the field beyond my drive shed and yard.

We (the dogs and I) constantly are startled by their jumping out from under our feet. I have to watch that the mower doesn't get them, often dragging the mower behind me, and stomping my feet. Last year I had 44 frogs in a 10 x 13 foot pond... all basking in the sun. But this year only two so far. The pond needs help, so it's re-build time, and a visit to the local store to find an eco-friendly algae ridder.

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