Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Extended family

Meet Jasmine - sister to Eleia the little "dilute tortoise-shell" coloured cat that owns me. Jasmine has, in my opinion one of the most beautiful multi-coloured coats - brandy, black and a bit of grey.

She is shy and it isn't often I get to spend time with her. But we shared a bedroom briefly this past weekend. It was great fun as she got to reacquaint herself with me. Jasmine owns my niece by marriage.

Jazz also spends a lot of time at the cottage. She loves to be outdoors. She is one smart cat - knows when it's time to leave the cottage and makes herself scarce, but comes willingly when called. What is interesting - is these two cats are the same size and have such similar colouring- the grey and brandy particularly.

Both cats are striped as you can see, both have these amazing yellow eyes which will hold your own quite readily. While you can't see it so easily it on Eleia, their coats' colouration appears split down the centre of their backs - quite marked and striking on Jazz. Both cats - actually all the kittens in this litter of six or more - are talkers. They have different sounds they make depending on the situation - telling the humans they own what they want and need.
Portrait of a beautiful cat.
There are other four-legged members of this extended family - wonderful to spend time with them at family occasions such as this past Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. And there are many stories about each of them - for another day.


  1. Your extended family knows no bounds. Nice that you have cat relatives living with relatives. And yes, Cats in particular, do own their people.

  2. it's funny about the cats being sisters... or maybe not when you think that it was a niece whose cat Alice took off with some handsome Lothario and presented my niece with the kits - needless to say some of the family adopted some of them... and we have fun comparing notes. Jazz and Eleia haven't seen each other in quite a while, and since my big dogs are not particularly cat friendly, not likely too - but we humans can share... Thanks for stopping by Bill - not a great story like yours about your bloodhounds Cooper and Adia - but fun anyway.
    Anyone reading this who wants to enjoy a great story click on Wild_Bill's name above. And you might be interested in following his website - he's a terrific ecologist - with lots to teach about nature and the world around us.

  3. Thanks for the reference Barbara. May I tell you that you under estimate you talent as a writer. You write concisely and directly from the heart. There are only a handful of blog writers that put as much time, energy, and heart into what they have to say as you do. When you write about rural Ontario I feel like I'm sitting across a table from you listening to you tell me about your life and experiences. That's really special!

    My hounds, particularly Adia, is not cat friendly. Plus Adia doesn't catch mice so that leaves the chore up to me. A cat around here would be a good addition but it would not last long, I'm afraid.

    1. About cat friendly dogs - I've had to teach Bliss and Spirit to protect their two cats - but if they venture out into the pasture they're fair game - not that the dogs would hurt the cats, but chase them - oh boy yes! it's a game.

      And Bill - I'm overwhelmed by what you wrote about my writing. Such encouragement - thank you so very much. I've never received a higher compliment. By the way - I feel the same way about your stories about the natural world and of course Cooper and Adia... that we're having a conversation. Thank you. And now to write today's episode - :)