Sunday, March 25, 2012

An old homestead

The rusted out remains of a stove fill in part of what must have been a crawl space or basement for this old home, now long forgotten. Bits of lumber for what might have been a door stoop remain. And a covered over well, as well as a spot that was obviously the outdoor privy surrounded by lilacs are all that remain of a pioneer cabin, probably built in the mid 1800s when this part of central Ontario was settled.

But as I look around I see other remnants, reminders that this had been a home. Someone had cared for this place, someone had loved it enough to plant:
and then I heard the bees...  if you can - imagine the buzzing of tiny and large honey bees, yellow jackets other kinds of nectar gathers, working this clump of what may be scilla, but may also be blue eyed grass or a wild hyacinth (have to do some research.) I tried to upload a video - but failed miserably for the past couple of hours - so instead - hope you enjoy these beautiful reminders of a caring pioneer from many days gone by.  Maybe tomorrow I'll try the video of bees gathering pollen and nectar.

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  1. Wow, Barbara, how moving to find the old remains. I have memories of walking in the woods in Connecticut when I was a kid, and coming across old stone walls and tumbled houses. Of course, that was a long time ago now ... Strange to think how nature reclaims what is left behind.