Saturday, February 18, 2012

Late winter afternoon

It was around 5 when the sun came out and lit up the countryside with a lovely warm glow. The dogs and I headed out for the last big walk of the day - and as you can see, something had been by before we came out. Their noses were down instantly as they walked from one print in the snow to the next... carefully examining whomever had left the scent. You can tell by the upraised tails that it's something they feel was a threat. Or maybe it was just their brother. Some days they like him and others not so much.

Bliss gets up from rolling in the snow - they both love to roll in fresh snow, and not so fresh. Any snow. There has been so little this year, they roll on patches of almost ice...but roll they do and smear their faces along stretches of it. It must feel awfully good to them. Maybe like it did when we were kids and made angels? And this evening it's so still and quiet, the light so lovely and warm, they're enjoying all the things they love to do in winter.

For Bliss, it's eating frozen wild apples that he digs out from under the snow. Yes that little yellow ball is an apple he's "rescued" from the grasses and snow and is about to crunch up with complete joy and delight. He often grabs one, then runs after me stopping just in front of me bits of apple spilling out the sides of his mouth. But good Lab that he is, he cleans them all up... omniverous beast that he is.

Spirit on the other hand continues to check out the various smells, not liking apples and being less ADD than Bliss. He'll wander around on the property, in a langorous manner unless I push him. However when we're out in the fields or the bush, he's first one out of the car, off and away. I guess he finds walking at home sort of boring. But the light on the snow against his black coat is beautiful don't you think? And the golden rays make Bliss's coat take on a rich glow.

And here Spirit waits patiently while I want to get a photo with his eyes showing brown in the golden later afternoon sunlight. So often I can't see his eyes in the photographs, they are so close to black.

He's bored here, I've been cleaning out the nest boxes that the bluebirds and tree swallows use and not urging him to follow me or walk more quickly.

And finally he looks off into the distance, looking at the setting sun? I doubt it - wondering what is going on on the road perhaps. He and Bliss are the ultimate watch dogs and don't allow much to happen around the perimetre of the property without letting me know something is happening.

As for me, I just enjoy the sun and slowly wander from nest box to next box and watch my loving dogs doing their thing. Lovely way to spend an hour before sunset. Hope you get to do the same.


  1. Beautiful dogs. Seeing them, reminds me of my old dogs. I really miss my labs. Wonderful photos.

  2. Thank you Eileen - I hope you'll check out the next blog - the very first video I've attempted with my little Nikon camera - who knew it could do this.

    And I really appreciate your comment about my boyz - they are great dogs and I've fortunate they're in my life.