Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nature's tree decorations

With Christmas day but a week a way, I've been slowly decorating the house and the trees outside. I love to smell the cedar and pine. I have a Norfolk pine that was given to my son many years ago. It was a foot tall, and now has five stems and graces one of my seven foot tall church windows. I have to lean over the balcony of the loft to put on lights it's so tall now. That's yet to do, but the lights await.

And I've dug out the Christmas trappings of years past - the ones I've collected, and the ones collected by my mother-in-law from her childhood - way back when. She is long gone, but I think of her fondly when I bring out the little Santa and tiny tree ornaments shaped like nuts, still holding their silver and bronze gloss.

Walking the property with the dogs I spot something vibrantly red - Nature's very own decorations - apples. Elsewhere there are shiny black berries, or the red of Mountain Ash clumped and hanging invitingly for avian feeders. In other countries there is mistletoe on sturdy oaks, perhaps along with frozen raspberries and nuts still hanging on trees. No wonder Christians decided to make this time of year the same as the pagan celebration of the longest night - and the slow sleep of winter. There is so much bounty still around.

We are truly blessed on planet earth to have so much available - water, food, resources aplenty and beauty of all kinds.

This week I will hold each natural treasure I find in my memory or with my camera - to celebrate this bounty and remind me to take care of it and continue my request to others to do the same. May you each enjoy this week and see the beauty and bounty around you wherever you are.


  1. what a great picture of the tree with apples.You take such fabulous pictures and live in an area that gives you all these beautiful camera shots. I always go to your line to see what you have found. What are your two dogs up to, in the past some of the shots of them have been really precious

  2. Thank you for your kind words Ms. Lapoint - always a pleasure to hear from you - and those dogs still keep me hopping. They haven't stayed still long enough lately for me to catch a photo of them...but I'll get some red ribbons for Christmas and give it a try! Thanks for stopping by!