Thursday, May 5, 2011

Regular visitors

A purple finch and its mate are now regular visitors to my feeder on my deck. This couple have joined a group of about 50 or 60 little golden pennies - the flock of goldfinches that habituate these feeders, singing their lovely "sweet sweet sweet" song.

Other visitors are blue jays, and grackles to this particular feeder... but I realize in looking at the photograph that I have to be more careful in focusing... the background is much more clear than the bird here... too bad, it has a huge seed in its mouth and seems to be really enjoying himself.

Here are several male goldfinches chowing down along with a single female in the lower left corner. I've noticed that the females are in short supply this year. This is interesting. I wonder if they're on their nests already? It's possible I suppose. I have a huge blue spruce at the edge of the drive shed that I call my bird tree. I see the purple finch, house finches and goldfinches flitting about in it - and last year I was pretty sure that a hummingbird or two had nests in there.

And another shot of the goldfinch gang - I leave my deck door open so that I can hear their lovely song and I can't resist taking way too many photos. The joys of digital!

May you have golden pennies somehow in your day today!

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