Friday, April 15, 2011

When we were young

Bliss and Spirit are about four months old in this picture, and it's their first experience with big bodies of water. Even though it's a small lake, they'd never seen anything like it, and their exploration of it caught my attention. This is one of my favourite photographs. There is a shelf of rock just under the edge of the water that only goes for about a foot or so, then it drops off to be deeper than their legs were long at that point in their lives.

Wonder, a bit scared, fascinated... all of those things were apparent in their reaction.

These days they get near a lake or river and in they go. One time Bliss swam over half a mile out into an arm of Georgian Bay after a Canada goose that was leading him away from its flock that had a large number of goslings. He could no longer hear me and would have drowned but for an alert cottager who responded to my frantic yelling. I think he learned his lesson - he's not gone out that far again, but ducks, geese, gulls, anything on water, swimming or flying above it - fair game as far as I can tell - though he tends not to swim out too far rather goes along the shoreline.

Dogs. Labradors particularly, you have to love them even when you want to knock them on the head and say don't be so silly!

Aren't we lucky that we have such amazing technology that some of the images that we so love can be revisited so easily, not just fondly held in our memories?

Hope you make some happy memories today! Or remember things that make you happy.

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