Sunday, March 20, 2011

How things can change

Yesterday all the snow had disappeared but it was very cold. For the first time since November, I saw the little pond that I'd built in the back yard. I fixed the bubbler that was sending air into the pond on low rather than high - didn't realize it had a speed dial.

By the afternoon it had warmed up enough and there was no ice around the bubbler in fact most of it had disappeared, except at the bottom of the picture where it's quite shallow.

It won't be long before it looks something like this:

I think this was taken in early summer. Eventually the pond was covered with lovely water hyacinth - mauve flowers spiking through the rubbery leaves. Frogs sat on the leaves, and fish swam underneath the jets of water from the small fountain.

It really is a water feature - hardly a real pond, but it's fun to count the frogs, watch the fish, enjoy the birds who go to drink, the cats who prowl along the rocks hoping for prey, (the frogs are too smart and jump into the water), and it's relaxing on a spring day to hear the water. So I'm looking forward to finishing the gardens around the pond, to putting sand around it too and to enjoying the milder Canadian seasons. It's been a tough winter.

Are you looking forward to things changing for you as well? The equinox tonight - astrologers telling us of the changes to come with Uranus on the move and all kinds of other interesting things. Good news for this poor old disaster-riddled world I'm hoping. Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I hope the astrologers are right Barbara, right now it seems as if good change would be nothing short of wonderful.

    We still have total snow cover but we are down to about a foot. More snow tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, but nothing that patience and a little warm weather won't melt. I think I'm finally ready for spring to arrive. Already started thinking about warm weather activities.

  2. What a beautiful pond! My mom had a pond at her last house and she was so in love with it. I am just happy to see you actually have some grass there lol. I can't wait to see your beautiful spring photos!