Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time for a change of season!

Okay, I've had it today with the snow and winter... bring on summer, don't even wait for spring!!!

I want heat.

I want my pond bubbling and frogs sitting on lily pads, fishes swimming through the water hyacinth, colour on my deck from flowers - the drive shed covered in clematis, daisies in the garden along with lilies, roses, tansy, beebalm.

I want to hear the sound of bees, of bluebirds calling for mates, my cats purring lazily in the sun. The scent of summer, the warmth of sun on my face.The music of the country in the distance - farmers gathering hay, checking orchards, cattle and horses calling one another.

However, I've got what I've got - gray skies, wind blowing, snow flying. Three feet of snow in the pasture and tough walking, snowshoes or not.

But it's winter. It's beautiful in its way, and so today I'll enjoy the fire that's cheerily chatting away to me at the moment, a hot cup of coffee as I watch the birds from inside, and when I go out it's at least nearly above 0 C which it hasn't been for quite some time.

Maybe there's be some sun today too, or that lovely winter scene of huge fat fluffy flakes of snow just gently drifting down. There's always a treat somewhere in a day, often several.

Hope you have many treats this day and always! Happy Sunday.


  1. Loved your blog today. A real cheerer upper (are those words?) I agree enough snow already however I do love a beautiful winter's day as much as any other season just so long as I am warm inside lol Thanks Barbie for making today much brighter

  2. I have been wondering when you were going to get to your breaking point :) I can't wait for spring either my friend. Beautiful photo!