Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday I was looking out my bedroom window at the spectacular after-storm sight and happened to look down at my deck.

There, clinging to the lee side of this little bird feeder, was a large male hair woodpecker. It stayed absolutely dead still which I hadn't seen before. I snapped this picture which because of the sun and the angle isn't as clear through the glass as it might have been.

But today I decided to post it because apparently, according to The Zen Birdfeeder - a blog I follow - woodpeckers will freeze when a hawk is nearby or they think there is a hawk.

I had never heard of this behaviour. I've often seen birds burst from ground, trees, shrubs and feeders as a hawk dive bombs through trying to catch breakfast or lunch. But I have never seen birds freeze to become invisible. Apparently white and rose breasted nuthatches do the same.

Nature is ever fascinating, there is always something more to learn.

Hope you learn something that interests you today, makes you laugh, or fills you with joy.

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