Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update on the swan that went walkabout

A few weeks ago I wrote about the swan who walked along a county road at dusk - about half a mile from the Beaver River - a long walk on a cold winter afternoon by any stretch. A young woman arrived at my door - apparently I have the reputation of being something of a rescuer. She was worried because the swan wouldn't stay off the road - obviously it was easier for it to walk on the road than in the deep snow. What to do?

This incident could have ended sadly but instead had a happy ending with a local fellow who has a pair of swans coming to the rescue.

He kept the swan overnight in his garage, let it rest from its long walk and fed it, then released it onto the river - as seen in this photograph.

The swan happily goes onto the river accompanied by the resident pair.

Yesterday I called to find out what has happened to the swan. You can imagine my delight to learn the following:

Since that day - the swan has been joined by a Canada goose. They have become buddies. The goose has a damaged wing - so the pair of earthbound birds are natural friends I guess.

The story is that when the gentleman who has temporarily adopted the bird fills the feeder in the morning, the swan and her (it has been referred to as a female) friend the goose are first to arrive for breakfast. They are followed by six ducks that live on the river as well. Then the resident swans are the final morning feeders. Of course I've been told that there is never any surety that the order will remain the same and the adopting couple have had a whole lot of pleasure watching who comes to the feeder throughout the day.

Here the swan reaches for some cracked corn in the feeder in the snow - happily settled into her new home.

My thanks go out to the owners of "The Karat Klub" wholesale distributors of fine jewelry who have big hearts and a made a lost swan feel welcome enough to find a new friend and a new home.

Some true stories just make me feel so great - almost too good to be true - don't you agree?


  1. Thank yo for updating this story! What a wonderful ending. You are such an asset to your community and apparently so is the man who gave her a home :) Warms the heart!

  2. Ah indeed it does warm the heart. Thanks for your kind words.