Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ru and Rustle

One of my friends - who is the daughter of a dear friend - lives in California. She is a fine photographer and loves to take pictures of many things including her animals.

This is portrait she took of Ru or Rupert the yellow lab and Rustle who I believe is part or all miniature poodle.

These two had wonderful times with their mum doing lots of things together, and then Roo got sick. So now Rustle travels with his mum everywhere - even coming on the plane all the way up to Canada. But as you can see, while Roo was around - they were inseparable.

Interesting how dogs can bond with each other so closely as well as with people, cats and in some cases the oddest of four-legged friends.

Pals playing in the dog park in California.

Photos courtesy of Rustle and Ru

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