Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lament to summer

Every labour day weekend that I can remember one of my brothers would call and say what are you doing for "Lament?"

He always celebrated what he considered the end of summer, return to school and return to work life over this weekend.

I never think of summer ending until I'm ankle deep or maybe knee deep in snow, then I accept reality. Maybe.
However my brother had that wonderful sense of the child - summer was "holiday time" - when he he would kick back, travel to visit friends, go to Cape Cod where he spent many summers, regale us with stories of his gardens, his beloved dog Sally and anything else related to holidays.

This photograph was taken when he, my youngest brother and I were staying at a cottage on the outskirts of Go Home Bay in Georgian Bay - our family's particularly favourite piece of heaven.

The islands in the distance are the Pine Islands on the far side of a boat channel heading north to Parry Sound, Killarney and Manitoulin Island. The setting sun is classic end of summer day in The Bay.

And so I celebrate Lament to Summer in memory of my brother and share it with all of you who remember childhood fondly, enjoy the lazy days of summer and have a special place in your heart like this one.


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