Monday, September 20, 2010

It's about rescuing

This is TrixieLU. She is the companion of one of the women I admire a whole lot for their dedication to helping animals in distress and who started C4P animal rescue.

This is Trixie LU's story from the C4P website:  A month after Peter (a lovely old completely emaciated hound whom Michelle rescued prior to Trixie) left us, we got a call from Oakville Humane Society (god bless them) about a little old lady named Trixie. 14-15 years old. 

She had been brought into the shelter 10 months before by a couple who "found her running the Burlington/Oakville border". HOGWASH! (and that's no offense to hogs). Basically, she was dumped in her old age. Another un-adoptable, unattractive, senior medical case. She'd given up hope in the shelter, and was dropping weight steadily. She was skin and bone, and utterly forlorn! They asked oh so nicely, if we could take her. It didn't take much debate, at least not in this household!

TrixieLU came home January 17th, 2010, in her big fuzzy opera coat the shelter gave her, that was two sizes too big. But no matter... she really wasn't at all sure what was going on, but man, it was good! First things first: good food, get some weight on this girl! Second, as soon as she stabilizes, we gotta get those teeth done!  Trixie was really in bad shape - the vet's comment was "one of the worst neglect cases I've seen". We had a few scary weeks with her, where everything went sideways, but Trixie and her vets pulled her through. Today, she's put on 5 lbs and her teeth have been taken care of to the extent that they can. She enjoys going out for walks, she loves stalking small animals, she will not share and she likes to make her own bed, thank you very much! BabyLU is a true member of this family - we hope in true terrier fashion, she lives until she's 20!

I first met Michelle during the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. I'm still not sure how we connected, but I felt it important to help with the rescue efforts that so many people were making for the neglected, lost and abandoned animals that were wondering what happened to their world during that awful time. 

Many Canadians formed teams to go to the city and the county surrounding it to help out. Many dogs were transported by kind and willing truckers up to Canada or across the US to new homes when their owners could not be found. So much hard work continues to be done there since the need hasn't gone away. Michelle or Mitch as she prefers to be called, was spearheading and coordinating a lot of this work. 

She continues to work on behalf of all kinds of animals ( including farm and zoo animals, those used for research - you name it - everywhere and sends out a newsletter every week. Sometimes I can't read it all, it is so heartbreaking. Other times it gets my dander up when I learn of particularly nasty cases of neglect or abuse. And all the time, I tell people about it. So now I post the newsletter onto my Facebook page and try to get others involved. 

If you only take a peek at the newly designed website, or recommend that someone else sign up for the newsletter or even better make a donation or find a forever home (maybe yours) for one of these four-legged friends in need - you have my deepest thanks and all the blessings that can possibly be heaped on you.

If you want to learn more about Cause 4 Paws animal rescue - go to their website.

Who knows, you might find your own animal companion or four-legged friend? 

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