Monday, June 28, 2010

A doggie friend - Digger

Digger is a part yellow lab with a great sense of fun. He adores chasing the squirrels in his garden. His family - Carol is my pottery guru - has the most beautiful garden some of which is shown here where we managed to get Digger to stop playing for a few seconds to pose. He also loves to go for walks and swim - however he has a skin condition and needs a bath after a swim in the river or the lake.

He is is well-named - he dug many holes in the garden as a pup. Now he just digs his way into the hearts of many of Carol and Kim's (her husband) friends.

He barks when he hears my voice when I go to Carol's studio - and so we have a visit - I always (make that nearly always) carry dog biscuits in my pocket or purse... and I make sure Digger and his pal Jester a rollicking little JR next door, get one or two each time we see each other. Yes I know I'm bribing them to remember me - but it's such fun to have a dog greet me with eager anticipation, even if it is only for the cookies.

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